Guy Spends $50,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like An Alien

An American male model has spent over fifty thousand dollars on plastic surgery because he wanted to look like a creature from another planet.

Meet Vinny Ohh who doesn’t feel comfortable being either a man or a woman so decided to turn himself into a gender less Alien. And yes, Ohh is his actually surname and not a spelling mistake.

Vinny is currently a makeup artist and part-time male model. He is from Los Angeles and started his face changing plastic surgery from the age of 17. He has had over a hundred modifications to his body to date but isn’t stopping just yet.

Vinny is planning on spending another $160,000 to remove his genitalia, nipples and bellybutton. He also wants to make further changes to his face to look even more alien.

Vinny states that he always felt like an outcast as a child and decided upon this extreme transformation to express his belief that people should not be labeled. He believes that gender does not not matter and people should concentrate more on being nicer to one another rather than their sexuality.

While many people laugh at Vinny in the street others believe he is an inspiration to those who feel they don’t belong.

Vinny Ohh is due to make an appearance in a new reality TV show which focuses on plastic surgery addicts. There are other people out there similar to Vinny who wish to change their appearance to look like someone or something else. Some people have had plastic surgery to look like cats, lizards, Barbie and Ken dolls and also famous celebrities.

If you had the chance what or who would you love to look like?