10 Epic Custom Barbecues You Would Love To Grill A Burger On

On a beautiful summers day what could be better than cracking open an ice cold beer and having a barbecue? Grilling a burger on these custom barbecues that`s what!

Most men love grilling on a barbecue so why not show off your manly hood with these ultimate grills.

1. Locomotive Bbq

This steam punk locomotive bbq is absolutely incredible, just need to have a garden big enough to keep it.

2. Armadillo Barbecue

Not sure why the owner of this bbq chose an armadillo for it`s design but we love it and so do most people that see it.

3. Smoking Gun Barbecue

The owners of this custom barbecue claim it took two years to build and they fire it up every chance they get.

4. Easy Rider Barbecue

The owner of the New York restaurant called RUB had this crazy bbq built by the guys from the TV show Orange County Chopper. He often shows up to events on this beast and grills up a few steaks to promote his restaurant.

5. Death Star Barbecue

Being a Star Wars fan this has to be my favorite custom barbecue on the list. How awesome would it be grilling some sausages on the Death Star?

6. Hemi V8 Barbecue

This 5.7 liter hemi engine is not just for show, it is actually used to cook the burgers. It has a 0-60 sausages cooked time of just 3 minutes.

7. Jeep Grill

Some people would put their old jeep wrangler in a museum, some would use it for shows but these guys turned one into a bbq. CRAZY!

8. Bug Barbecue

The VW bug has been an iconic car for years, people just seem to love them. So why not turn one into a cool custom barbecue?

9. Rat Rod Grill

You are certainly not gonna be performing any burnouts with this awesome rat rod but you can still have a great time with your mates using it as a bbq.

10. Mini Cooper BBQ

My first car was a Mini, wish I had kept it now. Could have made a really cool custom barbecue out of it.