Creative Artist Turns Fried Eggs Into Art

Everybody loves taking pictures of their food and sharing it with their friends and now Michele Baldini from mexico has taken it to the next level by turning his fried eggs into works of art.

Michele uses nothing but his spatula and a few eggs to create these works of art. He has created landscapes, recreations of famous artworks and famous company logos. We are also presuming he is a Star Wars fan too as a few Star Wars related fried eggs are in his portfolio.

Scroll below to see some these amazing art eggs.

1. Pac-Man

2. Howling Wolf

3. Planet Earth

4. Spider’s Web

5. Storm Trooper

6. Starbucks Logo

7. Ying Yang Symbol

8. Bee And Flower

9. Cute Cat

10. Kissing Couple

11. Death Star

12. Tennis

13. McDonald Fries

14. Halloween Pumpkin

15. Four Leave Clover

When food looks this good it’s a shame to eat it.

If you are left feeling hungry for more then you can explore Michele’s Instagram page here.