Could You Eat Puppy Puddings That Look This Realistic?

We all love sweet desserts but would you buy puppy puddings to eat that look close to the real thing? Many people hate the idea but some actually love it.

The craze started in a sweet pudding shop in Thailand in the city of Pathun Thani. The shop specializes in delicious coconut cream desserts which are often sold in shapes of flowers, stars and everyday objects.

The shop decided to shake things up a little with a new idea. They would sell the puddings in the shape of perfectly photo realistic puppies. Just to see what response they would get and the results were staggering.

As soon as the coconut cream puppy puddings went on sale there customers started taking photos and spreading the images with friends throughout social media on the internet. In a short period of time thousands of people were talking about these cute puppies.

Some people loved them and some hated them but when it comes to advertising all interest is great especially when its free. So many people joined in the love hate campaign the even international news companies took interest in the shops puppies and news spread throughout the world.

The shop is called Wilaiwan owned buy wife Wilaiwan Mee-Nguen and her husband. They could not have possibly known when they first made the puddings how much they would spark off so much publicity locally and internationally.

It’s a novel idea for sure but the recipe for these sugary coconut desserts has been in there family for years and has now become probably the most famous coconut cream puddings in the world.

There is no doubt that other bakery shops will pick up on the idea to try to recreate similar results and free publicity. With that in mind here are a few more strange designs for for bakers to consider.

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