Amazing Photos of Cats Before and After Being Adopted

We selected some amazing photos of cats and their owners after a few years of living together. It is very interesting to see that some things do not change much just the love that is even bigger for these cats.

1- Two years later and they are still cuddling

2- My little one after three years of being rescued.

3- On the first day of 6th grade my brother had Mittens, here they are 17 years later.

4- A year later and a chair in ruins.

5- Toby still loves his bed four years later.

6- This is Julio (45 days old and now, 8 years later). He is the sweetest cat in the universe.

7- Before and now.

8- 15 years later.

9- Before and now – unbearable handsome!

10- My cat and I 17 years later.

11- Before and after…

12- 2 years later, still your favorite spot.

13- 4 years later, she still does it.

14- 18 years later, happy birthday pussy cat!

15- Bill and I, 19 years later.

16- Me and my brother 12 years later.

17- A year later and I’m still happy that I adopted the twins.

18- My cat and I, ten years later.

19- Almost two years later. We looked different, but nothing changed.

20- The day he was rescued and a year later … some things never change..