15 Funny Translation Fail Signs That Will Leave You Laughing

Some people use Google translate for creating profesional signs but as they can’t speak a word of English they have no idea it’s been translated incorrectly and the results are hilarious.

Scroll down to see these confusing but funny translation fail signs.

1. What Kind Of Park Is This?

2. Guess I Am Gonna Have To Pass On My Fiber Intake Today

3. Because They Need This Soup More than Anyone Else

4. Wonder What Goes On In This Big Hall

5. It’s Good There Is Someone On hand To Help

6. Do You Think This Sign Was In The Mens Or Ladies Restrom?

7. That’s Sad But Who The Hell Is Paul

8. Don’t Think This Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

9. Do What With Ice cream??

10. Can’t Imagine Many People Ordering This Dish

11. Hope It Doesn’t Taste Of It Too

12. Is This A Warning Sign Or An Invitation To watch?

13. At Least They Crossed It Out In The Sign

14. Very Suspicious Indeed

15. This Sign Should Be Enough To Scare anyone Off From Shoplifting