15 Clever Hiding Places To keep Your Valuables Safe At Home

1. Secret Drawer Hidden In A Window Sill

If you have thick walls then you could convert you window sills to have secret drawers to hide your valuables.

2. Hidden Drawers In A Bookshelf

Another clever place for hidden drawers is in a bookshelf. Nobody would ever find your stuff here.

3. Birdhouse With A Hidden Spare Door Key

If you ever loose your keys then having a spare would be good idea and who would ever think of looking inside a birdhouse?

4. Food Jars That Look Full

Intruders wouldn`t think to check your food jars so hiding your valuables here would be a great place to keep them safe.

5. Doortop Stash Cyclinder

While you are not going to be able hide many things here you can at least put your most valuable items here with the relaxing thought that nobody ever checks the door tops.

6. Secret Basement Access Door

A carpet is a great way to hide a secret access door.

7. Dining Room Chair With Hidden Compartment

Could be even safer if you stack some books or clothes on the chair when you leave.

8. Hidden Tile Deposit Box

Great idea but the hardest part is remembering which tile it was.

9. Staircase Secret Storage Steps

Not only is this a great place to keep your valuables safe but if you have enough stairs you could also use it to hide away some of that clutter.

10. Plug Socket Compartment

You could turn an unused plug socket into a hiding place. Have you ever seen burgelars checking plug sockets?

11. Mayonnaise Jar

For this to work you will need to clean the jar out and add white paint to give the illusion it`s still full of mayonnaise.

12. Secret House Plant compartment

This is a simple but very effective hiding place as long as the intruders don`t knock the plant over.

13. Coffee Table With A Secret Area

Very clever idea as long as the burglars aren`t looking for a coffee table.

14. Secret Place Inside Of A Curtain

You won`t be able to squeeze much in here but at least it`ll be safe.

15. Fish Tank With Secret Draw

This is probably one of the cleverst hiding spots on our list. Just hope the fish doesn`t rat you out.